Foot Scrubber – Learn the Different Types and Using Them On Your Feet

There are times when your feet are hurting and you are too tired to even walk. There may even be some dead skin and using a foot scrubber can be an effective and soothing way to relax your feet. Most people are confused about using a particular scrubber on their feet. There are a lot of things which need to be considered while choosing a good scrubber. Texture, scent and ingredients play a very important role when you are choosing the right kind of foot scrub.

If you are suffering from a medical condition or your job requires you to walk a lot, the skin of your feet may be dry. If left untreated, cracked heels can be quite painful and result in fungal infections. A good foot scrub helps you to remove dead skin cells, which makes your feet more comfortable and smoother. Most of the foot scrubs are quite safe. However, you should still consult a podiatrist if you have cracked heels or broken skin.

In this article, we will tell you about the different types of foot scrubs and how to use them on your feet. We will also tell you about certain things you should consider while choosing the right kind of foot scrubber.

Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs are best for people who are scrubbing their feet for the first time. Sugar scrubs are quite soft and contain smaller particles than other scrubs available in the market. They smell sweet and provide complete relaxation to your feet. However, people with very rough skin should not use sugar scrubs. This is because sugar crystals tend to dissolve in hot water and become less abrasive and coarse. But you can always use sugar scrubs for their soft and sweet smell.

Salt Scrubsfoot scrub

Salt scrubs are perfect for people who have dry and cracked skin. Salt scrubs contain rough particles which are larger than sugar scrubs. Moreover, salt has natural mineralisation properties which help you to have healthy and fresh feet. Salt also helps in breaking down toxins from beneath your skin. People who have moderately cracked and dry skin should use salt scrubs.

Pumice Scrubs

There are some scrubs available in the market which contain pumice particles. Pumice particles are sharp and can be quite effective on callused skin. It is better to use pumice particles with salt crystals. This increases its abrasive properties. Pumice scrubs should be used by people who have very dry, callused or cracked skin.

How to Easily Scrub Your Feet

Some people spend a lot of time on their feet. As a result, their feet are sore and tired after a while. Using a foot scrubber to scrub your feet is a good way to relax them when they are sore and tired. Scrubbing not only keeps them clean and fresh, but also makes sure that your feet are softer and smoother. Moreover, a good scrub also removes any dead skin cells. Let us tell you how to scrub your feet.

First of all, you should soak your feet in hot water. You may also use oils like vanilla and lavender for a sweet smell. The next step is to add salt which will soothe swollen and sore feet. You can even add tea tree oil which helps to eliminate fungus.

Now take one tablespoon of any foot scrub in your hand. You can choose any scrub on the basis of your skin condition. Every one of the above mentioned foot scrubs provide a massaging and exfoliating action against the skin.

Take your feet out of the hot water and scrub over cracks, dry skin and calluses. It is always better to apply pressure as this does not give a tickling sensation. You should also try to work the muscles in your feet. Use your knuckles and thumbs to apply pressure and scrub your feet. It will be best to massage in a circular motion.

While scrubbing the arch of your foot, apply gentle pressure to stimulate the tender skin. Keep massaging in circular motion around the ankle bone and top of your feet for best results. After a while, you feet will feel completely relaxed and softer.

Choosing a Good Foot Scrub

An exfoliating agent is the most important part of an effective foot scrub. As mentioned earlier, you may choose from sugar, salt, pumice and even coffee. These exfoliating ingredients create friction when they are rubbed on your feet. This helps in healing cracks and removing dead cells beneath the skin. All foot scrubs are effective in their own way. However, some of them can be gentler than others.

Most of the people prefer to use salt and sugar in the showers. Both of these dissolve quickly. On the other hand, pumice can leave residue and clog your drains. People also consider scent while choosing a foot scrub. Usually, peppermint is used in most foot scrubs. Besides being an antibacterial agent, it gives a soothing feeling to your feet. There are also other scents like olive, lavender and so on.

Besides texture and scent, there are also other factors which come into play while choosing foot scrubs. You should always choose foot scrubs with moisturizing ingredients to keep your feet soft. Moreover, moisturizing ingredients remain on your feet even when you have rinsed your feet. However, you should be careful while using such foot scrubs in showers, as they can make your feet slippery. There are many different types of foot scrubs available in the market. Choosing the right kind depends on your preferences and budget.

You can easily buy a good foot scrubber from the market. However, there are times when you may not be able to find what you are looking for. You can easily search the Internet and buy a good foot scrub online. There are many websites which sell foot scrubs at affordable prices. All you need to do is search the foot scrub you are looking for and place an order. The product will be delivered at your doorstep and you will not have to go anywhere.  Next to price, however, you want to be sure the product you’ve chosen is a good one by checking out what others say about it.  The best way to do this is by reading reviews of foot scrubbers.