Your feet are often one of the dirtiest parts of your body, primarily because they are difficult to clean and they are enclosed in socks and shoes for most parts of the day. Attempting to clean your feet while in the shower can be a problem, especially if you have poor balance or stiff joints that make bending over difficult or painful. Easy Feet is a new product that allows you to clean your feet while in the bath or shower without having to bend over and manually scrub your feet. This makes your feet easy to clean and easy to maintain because you can simply wash your feet thoroughly each time you bathe.
Easy Feet

How It Works

Easy feet uses a very simple design which allows you to easily and effectively clean your feet each time you are in the shower or bathtub. The basic design is a sandal platform that is coated with over 1000 cleaning bristles on the top, side and bottom. The back of the platform includes a pumice stone which grinds away dead skin cells on your heels. The bottom of the Easy Feet incorporates suction cups which allow them to be mounted on virtually any surface including the wall, floor and side of your shower or bathtub.

The Easy Feet is allowed to soak while soap and other cleaning agents are then poured onto the top. The soap then seeps into the other areas, allowing for a good lather that will clean your feet quite effectively. You simply move your foot in and out as well as side to side which stimulates cleaning action and ensures you get all parts of your foot. The product is able to clean between your toes, which are often the toughest region to keep clean on your feet. The product is also able to provide a light foot massage when you’re using it, which stimulates blood vessels keeping your feet in perfect shape and health.

Why Makes Easy Feet Great?

Below are the primary benefits associated with using Easy Feet to clean and maintain your feet while bathing:

Built in pumice stone – This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the Easy Feet product. Many people develop dry and cracked heels, especially during the winter months when the air is driest. Easy feet has incorporated a pumice stone, which is a type of material that gently and safely removes old and dead skins cells from your heel. It can repair broken skin and grind away excess skin that is serving no purpose. You can turn your old dry and cracked heels into smooth ones in a matter of days.

1000 bristles for cleaning – There are over 1000 individual bristles on Easy Feet which absorb the soap material and create a generous lather for your feet to be cleaned in. They are able to be moved in all directions so each part of your feet, including between your toes can be cleaned thoroughly. There are also bristles on the top which will scrub away dirt and other debris from the top of your feet, even if it has been building there for a while.

Gives a foot massage while cleaning at the same time – There is nothing more relaxing than receiving a foot massage while taking a warm bath or shower. The innovative bristles on the Easy Feet can give you the sensation and health benefits of a foot massage each time you bathe. Your feet will benefit as they will have increased blood flow and the muscles will be less tense, making it easier and healthier to walk.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the fact you don’t have to bend down to clean your feet anymore. This is great for the elderly or the disabled who may have a difficult time reaching their feet to clean them properly.

Any Issues That You Need to Know About?

While the Easy Feet is a great product for cleaning your feet, there was one problem noticed about the design that could cause an issue if you’re not careful. The suction cups on the bottom of the shoes have trouble sticking to their intended surface for some, whether that be the glass shower door or the bottom of the bathtub. This can cause a slight issue with balance, which can cause a dangerous fall. Despite this problem, it is still quite easy to use Easy Feet, although you do have to pay more attention and be more careful when it’s slippery.

The user in the video reports that the pumice stone fell out shortly after use. This can easily be put back with some good glue though. Despite this, she absolutely loves the product.

What Do Actual Users Say About Easy Feet

Before deciding to purchase this product, it is important to know what results people have gotten with it.  This ensures you get what you expect.  Overwhelmingly, the results and feedback have been positive.

Here are some users who say how it makes their feet feel great:

“I’ve used it now for two days and I LOVE IT! It tickles the feet a bit, but works very well and makes your feet feel very soft.” — StarBrite310,

“My feet are getting smoother even my heels.” — pogo3,

“I love the way Easy Feet feels and makes your feet feel amazing.”  — TeenieWoo,

Here are others who report cleaner feet as a result of use:

“I must admit that my feet feel tingly clean after use in the shower.”  — Ivan Seeking,

“If you have trouble washing your feet, this is the product to help.”  — auntsis59,

It works great for seniors as well.  Here’s a user’s experience:

“This product really makes easy for older people or those with knee joint problems to get at the bottom of their feet in the shower.” — retrdtlr,

Where To Get The Best Deal On Easy Feet

Purchasing the Easy Feet is a great way to keep your feet clean and healthy as well as being able to get a foot massage each time you take a shower or bath. The Easy Feet features 1000 cleaning bristles to gently scrub and exfoliate your feet, removing dead skin, dirt and other debris that can cause your feet to look dirty or smell bad.

As with many popular products, there are many counterfeits out there.  To be sure you get a 100% genuine item, you should only order from a trusted retailer.  This guarantees that you get exactly what want and also assures you of a quality product.  You can click the link below that we’ve provided for your convenience.

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